Journeys is an excerpt from a project called “Theze Are My Twisted Words” which includes numerous short and twisted stories and ideas that have been concocted along a negative and evil force present in nature. Sometimes, this natural negative force is required to create a balance with the positive to achieve a harmonious equilibrium. But, then man steps in an oblivious daze and becomes hypnotized by the strong attraction of these forces.

//Moving on, now that the chamber of my twisted imagination has been opened more and more, things turn around.//

It looks like a backyard on a huge farm in the middle of magnificent lush hills, there is a big pond of water. A light greenish shade of emulsion textures swirl with the water. A dense population of shedding trees contrasts the background, very sharp. There is a small child, hardly able to walk, crawling through these woods while a group of kids, a little elder to her, is playing nearby. Fierce gray clouds are visible above and the chances of a hailstorm are obvious. She crawls her way through the green grass looking adorable in a purple dress and black hat and slowly she puts another hand forward innocently crushing the stuffed lion in her hand. She moves very swiftly, taking her time and pausing here and there on occasion possibly to adjust the new shapes in her head and from a third person it just looks amazing. Then she moves towards the pond in which she spots some funny shapes moving about and giggles at the sight, she sits besides the pond for quite a while admiring the movements of the Pisces’ and other weird fishes floating about, only deep enough to project a glowing shadow to the observer. In between she looks at the sky for a moment, then at the vast expanse of leaves and happiness shines through her vivid eyes. Then she puts her hand in the water and is amazed by the unexpected splashing, she gets excited and starts to ruin her dress with repeated splashes and laughs really hard. The ecstatic expression on her face is truly priceless. She looks beautiful, lovely!

Zoom in a little more and she starts moving into the water forward towards the deeper centre. She is oblivious to the depth and gradually she moves further in her own timely style. For the first few feet the water is at the same level before it starts getting deeper. She floats a bit now, a gorgeous immersion that could have made Archimedes cry and then the scene shifts under water.

She could grow up to a steaming cow-girl in the sand or a Venezuelan beauty or something but for now she just is the free mermaid. Then, a few fishes cross her and they observe each other like two strangers passing by on an empty street. She even exhibits the human instinct to turn around once again after those fishes are gone. Her vision is luckily not much hammered as the water is pure enough and she is just floating on a shallow surface before she proceeds further. She dwells more into the water, in the next few moments she is going to realize that her lungs will be full of water and short of breath but she doesn’t know it yet and won’t anyways be bothered by a drowning feeling. She widens her eyes to look at the group approaching, and tries to swim forward to welcome them. A very natural process of evolution and adaptation can be exhibited in this tiny girl’s nature as she simply wishes to move forward for what she wants and she does that in the most naturally adaptive of ways by trying to make use of her cute and little limbs, throwing and wagging them along in any which direction whatsoever at first and then trying to order her motions. As she approaches further she gets even more excited by the blue lines on their mauve skin, there comes a school of piranhas moving with a boiling rage towards a pinkish feast, fresh meat, and from the other side a little fairy extends her hand hoping to make new friends. Just close your eyes and try to imagine this moment, the imagination will try to make this ominous moment before the evasive collision last for as long as possible but won’t be successful.

The attack is impending no more, it is happening now, try to project this vulgarity of nature at an empty wall and then close the lights. The piranhas start to raid her skin engulfing her in the bounds of their extent, the avant-garde don’t even wait for the rest of the army to arrive before they declare war. The wonder is under attack under water. And, now she realizes that she is drowning and gasps for air, the bubbles of dioxide that vacate her lungs are portraying a horrific betrayal and thank god she doesn’t have the experience to swell upon it. There are no expressions any more, her face is blank because it doesn’t exist anymore. These unearthly organisms pierce through her dress and arms and legs and neck and face, not leaving behind an inch of skin just imagining it will make you shiver throughout the night, and the worst part is that her face is dead, but she still bleeds from multiple points gyrating helplessly. She drowns deeper into the vertical of the pond and descends round and round driven by the force of invading piranhas, it is a bloody crime scene, it looks horrific as a red devilish presence comes into being like smoke rings under ultra violet light, able to bequeath you to death. And, then as you degrade along with the scene watching her face turn toward you, you notice that one of her eye cavity is vacant. After an inconsistent search only you spot the eyeball floating down ahead of her and then when you look back up you see her right in front of your face, staring into your eyes with one eye amongst the gluttonies of destruction. You will pray to whoever you believe in that nothing of the sorts happen to anyone. She’s gone.

The experiment of nature is not over yet, now they will exhume her body from the pond. They will show her disintegrated body gang raped by a group of crazy frenzied fishes to her parents, ruin their lives,  or maybe if not today but a few days later some strange alchemist comes along and finds the body and preserves it for artistic purposes and enjoys the beauty of the new wall hanging in his den.

You never know. This world is an experiment with a cocktail of catalysts producing numerous side effects and any one of those million waves could come and hit you.

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