Over The Hills And Far Away – Led Zeppelin

It is about everyone!

“Sometimes how you break the ice decides how you end up breaking bread!”

Twenty-six years old, a young professional, Tina just landed her dream job in the dynamic world of management consulting. She felt on top the world having completed her ivy league education spree and finding a job in one of those top-notch firms full of the modern, jazzy vibes where the culture was professional but the spirit free. Moreover, with all her friends around town, Boston had become her favorite city. The dream of her pubescent 20s was being fulfilled with a handsome paycheck in her bank account and no work to carry home. She was living a happy life these days, trying to make the most of it. In her open and honest attempt at being a free spirit she started trying different things, understanding “I believe” in certain lifestyles and rituals. Amongst meditation and such recently she started following the concept of ‘atomic living’ where she became open to experiences and prioritizing things at her own will while keeping sight of that line! In this humble innocence of her, she tried skiing and snowboarding for the first time and enjoyed, very much, the thrill.

One of those “Thank-God-It’s-Friday” nights, Tina was out drinking with her best friend Suzanne to unwind from work. The ladies were having an open-heart moment after the first few rounds of bittersweet Manhattans and Tina was telling Suzanne how everything in her life was going perfect. In the midst of this heartfelt discussion, came the obvious, omni-felt disclosure of how she felt the need to finally settle down and find someone interesting. She told Suzanne about her recent acquaintance with a guy called Rob through OkCupid, a dating app.

Suzanne was excited that Tina, who always focused on her career and education, was finally taking the time to date and get to know someone. In this excitement, Suzanne asked her for more details and they gossiped about the story so far. She told Suzanne about the lame but simplistic message that she received last Monday when she got back home, “… after all the weirdos seeking bootycalls, a simple and correctly punctuated ‘How was your day?’ didn’t seem bad, plus the guy looked cute in the picture.” She told her how she got an instant reply on her message and they got talking on how their respective days had gone, what they did and more attempts at getting to know each other. “ After exchanging a few messages I thought of asking him if he was only looking for a one-night stand or just a friend or something meaningful and long-term.” Suzanne was trying to interrupt her with an annoyed expression but she shushed her saying that “No, I haven’t been out on the field, doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten what they taught in training, I let the conversation take its flow, besides it is interesting to see how men pave the conversation.” She told her how they started talking about their common interests and then how she smoothly called it a night, as she had to work. She told her how she liked the fact that he did not bring anything up to drag the conversation either and waited for him to text again. “Later that week I got busy and totally forgot about it as no new notifications popped up on my phone. So, on Friday, I texted him asking him light-heartedly if he didn’t like something about me but I didn’t get a response till Saturday evening. And when I did, we texted for about 4 hours and got to know each other more,” she replied to Suzanne’s enthusiastic “Then?”

She told Suzanne how he had become a saxophonist for a jazz orchestra after he got bored of being a percussionist in an electronic rock band called “ Dark Blues.” Suzanne’s wink made Tina blush but she carried on with her story. She told her how he was tired of his band mates pretending to be hippies who enjoyed being high all the time, with no clue of where there lives were heading. He told her that he was tired of the multiple meaningless one-night stands that came as band member privileges and was looking for something meaningful. “Even with all what seemed liked honesty, I felt that he was a nice guy and liked talking to him and all that but I didn’t feel that crazy attraction. Anyways, after 4 hours of uninterrupted late night texting, I said yes when he asked me if I would be willing to meet him for a cup of Sunday evening tea.” Suzanne taunted her on the fact that she had gone out on a date on Sunday and was telling her 5 days later. Then Suzanne asked her if she felt that spark when they met, how cute and tall he was; and if they made out. She informed her how he was really cute and well built, not muscular but lean, and told her disappointingly that she sensed some first-date nervousness from his side while herself was surprisingly bold. She told her how they spoke more about their lives, interests and current jobs. She told her how things went well, they kept talking and seemed to like each other “but still something didn’t feel complete!” Suzanne told her that it was just the first time they had met and if they both had a nice time, they should meet for coffee or dinner again, and try to meet as many times as they can without involving alcohol. Suzanne’s phone rang and she reacted as if it was important and started to get up to take the call somewhere quieter. But, she gave Tina a good hug and told her how happy she was for her before she stepped out to take her call.e

On her way back Suzanne noticed Tina giggling away in the bright light of her cell-phone, blushing. Suzanne couldn’t help but sneak up on her and apprise herself of what was going on. Rob was telling Tina something hilarious that had happened when one of his band-mate showed up drunk to the rehearsals after a bad break up. Tina felt Suzanne giggling behind her and they started laughing. Then, Suzanne broke the laughter and gave Tina her approval on Rob and told her how she thought that they should go out again. The girls started talking about their next possible date trying to figure out what would be the best environment to break the ice and get the inner romantics in them talking. As much as they felt that alcohol would be a great idea they knew that alcohol could also impair their senses and lead them into deception. Meanwhile, Tina was still texting with Rob, now they had exchanged numbers and weren’t using OkCupid anymore. They were trying to awkwardly amuse Rob by sending him somewhat sensual Snapchats.

During this conversation, Rob told her he recently started snowboarding and was finding it to be very thrilling. Suzanne suggested that Tina should further her snowboarding rush from him. Amazingly enough, he said yes and they booked a date for the next weekend. Tina and Suzanne had a few more drinks and then crashed at Suzanne’s place and they kept sending Rob their funny poses until they passed out.

A week later, Tina was waiting outside her apartment at 7 AM waiting for Rob to pick her up for their adventure at Mt. Washington. Rob finally arrived 15 minutes late but with a white rose in his hand as he got off the car as a gentleman and opened the door for her. “ Wow, Rob, I’m impressed with the early morning chivalry! I really am!” Tina said with a blush on her face. And he pointed out that it was a date after all. The hour-long ride went well as they were discovering their musical tastes through the ‘5-second rule’ game of judging songs over the radio. As planned, they managed to reach on time to beat the weekend crowd. They were amongst the first few people to be up there that morning. They took their time renting out the proper gear and made their way up the hill on the chairlift. The intimacy between them grew as they saw a freshly risen sun behind those majestic furry white mountains. This led to their first romantic encounter on their way up the chairlift, that time they made out on the way over the hills!

They were enjoying their personal space on the vastness of those snow-clad mountains and were getting closer as Rob came up close behind Tina’s body trying to teach her different angles she should bend her snowboard at. But all the intimacy happened in pure spirit and fun and did not bother their adventure. They snowboarded for a good 4 hours, enjoying that fresh, ecstatic intimacy together with the rush.

After a tiresome session of snowboarding they had a beer and some classic burgers at the ski resort and planned to head back to the city. It was about 2:00 PM, the sun had hid behind grey clouds and half an hour into their drive, it started snowing. They found themselves in the middle of a mild snowstorm. Going to steep hills, Rob decided to pull over on one wide and seemingly safe shoulder. He wisely thought against the idea of driving downhill in the storm, besides they both felt that they were having the perfect date! They both agreed that this would give them some good time to talk. And talk, they did from their hearts, for an hour about what they wanted from a life partner. As they felt their frequencies superimpose, one thing led to another, and an hour into that snowstorm they were undressing each other in the car, full of excitement, they both admitted that they had never had sex in a car. They laughed about it for a bit and then carried on with their “romance.“


After they were done gratifying themselves, they laid cramped in each other’s arms with their windows covered in the snow for a few minutes. Both of them felt good about the sex and finally decided to get dressed and start driving back. Now that the temperature in the car had risen a little bit, they had forgotten about the snowstorm outside and thought it had passed.


Rob tried running the vipers on his car but they seemed to be stuck. Rob opened his door and some snow fell down on him as he got out. The snowstorm had calmed down and a few cars had recently passed. Without hesitation, he cleared out a thin brick of snow from Tina’s side of the windshield first and saw her fiddle with the volume knobs and the music. He cleared the rest of it and she tried turning on the vipers and smiled at him when they were working. He stretched a bit on his way back inside and then realized that they hadn’t spoken since they had sex, “the sex!, tha saxx!” a hilarious yet reserved voice range inside his head and he blushed a bit. He managed to start a decent conversation that got them back to normal again. It was going to take them about an hour’s drive to get back him if the heavenly winds kept shush.

After having a content conversation, both of them smoothly swept into silence and the padded beats of jazz drumming were audible outside their car. Rob felt great about the date, he had feeling he had never had before. At that moment, at the very moment, he felt the meaning of perfection being redefined in his mind. Generally those words wouldn’t have made that appearance, but before they did he was thinking to himself that it was rare that such moments did!

Gathering a little courage and deciding not to wait, he went on with a confidence that surprised him as well. “I don’t know about you, but I just had the perfect date!” Tina was struck off-guard with a little subtlety because she was also thinking to herself that she couldn’t have dreamed it any better. Trying to control her excitement and already thinking out the possibility, she said, “Indeed, we did! We went over the hills and I don’t really know how far we will go, but I doubt if we could’ve had a better time together!”


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