Sneak Peak


Here’s a sneak peak on the current story that I’m working on. With a working title, this story covers subjects of racism, rape, molestation, substance abuse, crime, and revenge among many other subjects.


IMG_2873The night was just shy of being fierce; the pre-tremors of a wild thunderstorm were reverberating across the grey skies while Vicky was caught up at work. On one of those floors amongst the clouds, Vicky was so indulged with PowerPoint that he didn’t get a chance to look up at the dance of nature, the battle of the clouds, outside his window.


He finally came outside his office building from the revolving door on the ground floor and immediately realized what he was in for. Nikola was back home, in Mexico, visiting her parents to finally give them the good news and show off Vicky’s hard-earned money wrapped around her ring finger. Vicky wasn’t supposed to be having a hard time walking home in the rain but professionalism had put survival on the stake. With Nikola out of town, he didn’t have anywhere else to go in that rain at 10:45 PM on a Monday night. Unwillingly de-stressing in its entirety, he was walking back home at night. In his head he was calculating the 35 minutes of walking and 25 minutes of his subway ride. In the five minutes he took to get to the subway station from his office, he saw a cab passing by but missed it in hesitation. He agreed to himself that he would keep walking till he spotted another one. He didn’t!


He completely gave up on his frustration on the absence of Uber-like services in this god-damned city. Soon, he found himself stuck in a subway with gross, muddy footprints smeared all across the floors with shallow pools of dirty water every few feet. The only 5 people in sight were sitting at random places till a few stations passed with the sounds of underground tunnels. At the third station, a group of seven Middle-Eastern men entered three doors down from him. In all their foreign camaraderie, they had created an aura that was slightly disturbing and vulgar but he couldn’t care to bother!


Two stations before Vicky’s station, five of them got out while the other two settled down but Vicky was busy shuffling between tweets and stock prices. He saw the remaining two men get down two doors behind him as he walked out from the door ahead of him. Vicky was trying to figure out which country they were from. He was climbing up the stairs and was settling on Iran but then he forgot all about those strangers as he saw the melodrama outside. As if cars had seized to be a luxury anymore! The streets were full of small ugly and flashy smart cars and taxis. For a minute there on the train, he had indulged himself and had forgotten about the weather but the cacophonies from the street brought him back to life. He was starting to get irritated by the rain and that very fact, his involuntary intolerance, was irritating him even more. For a second, he got lost in the blurry shades of beaming headlights and frequent brake lights.

More twists and turns coming soon!



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