A Mongrel in a Discotheque

‘A mongrel in a discotheque’ is from what I call a ‘lost era’ of my hand at writing. It was majorly inspired by ‘An American Prayer’ by The Doors but the current motivation is Thom Yorke’s new album that just came out. So, it’s called “Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes”, in a quick scan through a few of the songs it feels that this electronic art is set out to represent an image of the future’s future, the day after tomorrow, if one would try to take a chance on thinking about it. Though I must admit that the album does have an underlying gloomy vibe to it, which is typical of Sir Yorke to do, but this does feel way better than AMOk for sure. The recurring tone factor is sweetly embedded into each track and considering it’s a solo album, its really fucking good. A few tracks to watch out for – Nose Grows Some, Mother Lode, Brain in a Bottle. And, it’s a perfect blend of ambient and electronics, One might come across plenty comparisons with Aphex Twin’s Selected Works.

Catching a hold of that groovy tune,
wandering deserted on a crowded floor
sometimes there’s a crave,
to seek the loneliness in a grave,
in a state unkind
ponders the mongrel mind
is this beat gonna be hung over tomorrow?
or will you control the ceremony tonight?
are you the one whose voice the world is waiting to hear?
or are you the one who lives in a fear?

Are you soluble in this world?
or are you floating atop?
floating atop the gentle waters,
through a wild, yet innocent forest,
a dark evening in a storm,
it’s inhumane, not warm,
in this state unkind
ponders the mongrel mind,
is the world just so large?
or was it all a mirage?

A weekend of emptiness,
an early stream of thoughts,
then a gradual wandering,
a sudden realization,
a visual transformation
into the white noise,
from bright to the dark side,
in a blink of the eye.
And then in a state unkind,
ponders the mongrel mind,
are you the one responsible for this night?
or are you the one whose gonna live with fright?

Are you the one who refuses to dance?
or the one responsible for this trance?

Are you the one with an unkind mongrel mind?
or the one whose gonna turn the crowd wild?

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