The day after Rosemary died

Song – Something in the way

Artist – Nostalghia

A questionably extensive twelve hours have passed since I opened my eyes today.
I could make out the 300$ beauty smiling at me as I woke up at dawn.
For, the affection running through her blue eyes indicated money well spent,
and a little later, she giggled a bit, and unhooked my belt.
Everything seemed tilted to perfection for a moment as we saw the sun rising outside,
lying naked in those copious, queer saturn sheets.
As I moved away, retrieving from the knot of her arms,
I could feel the smoothness of her heavenly legs as they brushed past mine.
I remember having a slight vertigo as I got up from that prodigal bed and looked down the panoramic windows,
it felt like a blackout wearing off.

And the rest of my day is, at present, abstract flashes,
from which I try to trace back to reality,
but am always pushed aside by a blurred familiarity.

There were definitely a lot of humans around me today,
there were definitely a lot humans around me, for I still hear those constant whinning moans.
Also, it definitely feels like I have walked a lot today,
and I successfully conquer by logic when I look around to see where I stand.
I stand on this forsaken beach, so pleasant but yet so unforgiving,
forgive me Father, for I have sinned, I shout out, and not metaphorically.
Amidst the whistling wind, I hear no echo, for an echo is what I seek,
but all I can feel is my own reek.
I never honestly did believe in the concept of god, the existence of one,
a supreme entity,
but I sure could feel a supernatural attraction right about now.
I am drifting across the muddy waters
from one shore to another
either driven by the force,
or into it.

The term ‘effort’ seems unexpectedly redundant.
Well, that is what we constantly complaint about.
But now, Life was it’s own chauffeur.
The brutal change of pressure turned out overwhelminly hydrating.
But, inside, I still feel like I haven’t splashed enough water on my face today, to cure this hangover.

I feel so fucking blank.

All future phallic urges have subsided.

The search for emotional dependencies appears over.

And, I don’t know how tommorow will be, if there is one.

Cause, I am definitely seeing a light through these grey skies.

It sorta feels like nirvana.



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