Ode to your neighbourhood

Written originally to complement my short story “Coming back to life”. Do check that out as well.


Song – Bird Song

Artist – Grateful Dead

Album – Reckoning

Somewhere near West Virginia

In the town you’re living in, there used to wander a rolling stone,

whistling around wherever the wind blew,

he roamed singular, without a crew.

Folks called him Barry, he made them laugh

and coloured their insipid houses pleasantly airy.

He had a cat and a goose,

who understood him “Kapeesh”, and never did he shop for a leash.

Like him, his entertaining pets, mongered about in free spirits.

In the 50s, the town was governed by bullying flops, their heads deserved to be chopped.

These acidic landlords tortured the innocent,

and afraid, the rest had to witness,

an inch from the sawed off barrel, no one dared to quarrel.

One summer afternoon, while Barry and his dormants entertained the tired crowd,

casted by god, those three were elegant chimes,

showered by blessings from their audience,

breaking for lunch after hammering the mines.

But, never could this world tolerate peace,

and they came riding on their horses, mules at ease.

Under the house you’re living in today,

the cat and goose were buried, butchered by the bullies,

who Barry consequently dragged to the local guillotines.

People still mock their attempt at supremacy,

massacring the strays, without a modicum of mercy.

And, as they returned on their horses loaded on rice & ration,

Barry jumped their leader,

the birth of an actor from the director,

he continued the show at the gallows.

At the corner of the street you’re living at,

the leader & his thugs were executed flat.

Barry never skipped town,

he was not the criminal but was awarded the crown.

Naming your street after Jill & Thatcher,

rewarding his honourable cast,

Barry died a few years back,

making this town a better place, at last.


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