Music is your special friend!

Starting with my love for music.

Here’s something I wrote a long while back, actually, these words were written when I was thinking of coming up with this page but unfortunately I had overlooked the idea then. So, I shall begin again, with the same words. This one is broadly about music.

Music is your special friend!

“For the music is your special friend

Dance on fire as it intends

Music is your only friend

Until the end”

A simple expression by the American Rock Band The Doors. Shockingly, these words prove to be way more complex than they appear. Me, I stand by them.

The wind comes and goes, problems come and go, people come and go, money comes and goes, happiness comes and goes, but it is the sound of music that remains, that remains in your head. Music is your special friend. Maybe, music is your only friend!

I am not a very religious person, but I believe in the concept that all gods are one, or rather, if I believe, I believe in one god. I’ll ponder over gods in a bit but talking about Religion, like Hendrix said “Music is my religion”, and if you think about it, why not? Why can’t music be a religion? People believe in all kinds of religious crap. So do we, and I collectively refer us, the people who love music, when I say ‘we’. All the characteristics that orbit religion have, albeit belief, respect, controversy, worship, praise, idols, temples; and more importantly gods also orbit music, music too has it all. If music is a religion, then Hendrix and Cobain are gods. They have fans that treat them as idols, worship them, respect them, praise them. Oh, and obviously, the controversies. What would be the life of a rock-star without controversies? Music is rather a super-religion.

Music is a really important part of earthly lives in my innocent perspective, at least of my life. Not only me, but also of quite a few people that have been around me over the years, be it my parents who met at a dance party, my ever-so-close friends or a girl with who caught my attention saying “Come on baby, Light my fire!” on a new year’s eve as I was about to do the same. Music has this quality of sublime existence which also transforms it in to an art. Not only creating it, but also appreciating it. It is not easy to produce comprehensible music but at the same time it is not even everyone’s cup of tea to appreciate it. I really love it when I see someone involved with music. Any kind of music! Another essential thing about music is that exists in so many forms, so many kinds and genres. And, on some level or another, all the kinds of music are appreciated. From the fresh, fast & furious dub-step beats, to the techno, progressive and alternative music, to the cerebral bass-line in Radiohead’s “The National Anthem”, to the mind boggling guitar riffs of Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix and the humble melodies by Dylan and The Beatles; it just goes on and on. It’s like “There is a light that never goes out”. I can’t stop thinking of euphemisms that could “Shine a Light” on this. One last. “Echoes”. Period.

 I am cutting this one short for now. 

So, Dance on fire as it intends!

P.S. It’s really hard to imagine what I’d do when the music gets over, maybe the lights of my life will really get turned off, and I shall lay to rest in a sweet sleep.


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