Let’s play Hypocrisy, hypocrisy!

(I can’t get no satisfaction)

Song – Yeh Duniya

Artist – Piyush Mishra


Once in a while, too often,
it feels so soothing,
so relieving,
so alleviating,
so pacifying, find all the god-damned synonyms, if you would!,
to just sit back and judge people.
Analyze their insufficiency,
their indiosyncracy,
their worthlessness,
the endless complaining and whinning about immaterialistic objectivity.
Inspite my heartfelt pity for the consequences that will follow,
I sometimes laugh at their unrealized misery.

Once in a while, too often,
I question to myself the limit of satisfaction
as that is what drives this pretentiously populated inhuman world.
Even though I sometimes reassure myself
of my own optimism,
my own content delirium,
these bastards stir a guilty cocktail inside me,
I tangibly realize satisfaction at these gullible sights.
I say fuck you superiority and fuck you relativity.
Satisfied is he, who is not on Earth.
And, satisfied is me.

And, then, once in a while, too often,
I realize how deeply sinusoidal life is,
how people are forced to walk around around in these boots of despair.
Sometimes the most pedestrian of things, nothingness ignites the cerebral fire,
No one goes crazy without a reason, this world chauffeurs us to lunacy.
I try to savor the pain when I’m down this path, all because my psychiatrist won’t live forever.
We subscribe ourselves for the competition without knowing the prerequisites,
it’s just a race to fail last. And, we fail there too.
This undiscovered entity that existence shares, the brain,
encapsulates the answer to the question.
People come, people go.
But, everyone has got to leave behind something,
this abstract quotient is the key to satisfaction.
The key to discovering this block of mass in our skulls,
our needs, our satisfaction, our existence
lies within, always visible, always superimposed.

Once in a while, too often, I stumble,
back to my proud judgemental slippers
to shrewdly ponder on their freudian slips,
the legacies that went south,
because it is the nature of this society to obscure the meaningful
with the trivially unessential.
Our time on Earth goes in vain,
sometimes criticising the faults,
if only, we could help each other numb the pain,
the irrelevant would dissolve.

This realization is deeply sinusoidal,
with all it’s crests and troughs through misery and delight
hinting hypocrisy, all over.

Yeh duniya – Piyush Mishra

O ri Duniya
Surmayi aankhon ke pyaalon ki duniya
Satrangi rangon gulaalon ki duniya..o duniya
Alsaayi sezon ke phoolon ki duniya
Angdaai tode kabootar ki duniya
Karwat le soyi haqueeqat ki duniya
Deewaani hoti tabeeyat ki duniya
Khwahish mein lipti zaroorat ki duniya
Insaan ke sapno ki neeyat ki duniya..o Duniya

O ri Duniya

ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai…

Mamta ki bikhri kahaani ki duniya
Behno ki siski jawaani ki duniya
Aadam ke Hawwaa se rishte ki duniya
Shaayar ke pheeke lafzon ki duniya

Ghalib ke Momin ke khwaabon ki duniya
Majaazon ke un inqualaabon ki duniya
Faiz Firaaq aur Saahir o Makhdoom
Mir ki Zauk ki Daagh ki duniya

Ye duniya agar…

Pal chhin mein baatein chali jaati hain hain
Pal chhin mein raatein chali jaati hain hain
Reh jaata hai jo savera wo dhoondhey
Jalte makaan mein basera wo dhoondhey
Jaisi bachi hai waisi ki waisi bachaa lo ye duniya
Apna samajhke apno ke jaisi uthaalo ye duniya

Chhut put si baaton mein jalne lagegi sambhaalo ye duniya…
Kat pit ke raaton mein palne lagegi sambhaalo ye duniya..

O ri Duniya…

Wo kahein hain ki duniya ye itni nahi hai
Sitaaron se aage jahaan aur bhi hain
Ye hum hi nahi hain wahaan aur bhi hain
Hamaari har ek baat hoti wahin hai

Hamein aitraaz nahi hai kahin bhi
Wo aalim hain faazil hain honge sahi hi
Magar falsafaa ye bigad jaata hai
Jo wo kehte hain

Aalim ye kehta wahaan Eeshwar hai
Faazil ye kehta wahaan Allah hai

Tumhari hai tum hi sambhalon ye duniya
Ye bujhte huye chand baasi charaaghon ki
Tumhaare ye kaale iraadon ki duniya…

P.S This one’s a little close to my heart.

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