Just Baked

“Thank You”

//This one is about a woman who ran a bakery called ‘Just Bake’ during my college days. I was not close to her in person but shared a decent emotion with her in thought and that also in a very strange time.//

Song – Angel

Artist – Jimi Hendrix

Album – The Cry of Love

For all men their mother and their first love are generally the most important women in their lives.
Maybe an occasional close friend.
Maybe, during their thirties, their wives,
and you won’t find me wrong in most of the cases.
And, not that it’s different for me,
but I am thankful to say that my life was blessed with an extra feminine presence.
She was learned, mature, a housewife for sure.
And, for someone like me, a prolonged mama’s boy,
had my first love, she played with my emotions like a toy.

Often did our paths cross by, she probably knew I was always high,
this would have definitely made my mother cry.
Never words did we fetch apart from my turn of clearing the cheque.
Our high spirited souls used to raid her cafe
with our bloodshot red eyes ambushed by hunger,
about her little bakery did we monger.
I still am under her debt,
never did those innocently eyes made me regret,
and never was I judged, on ceremony,
rather bestowed upon me was her plain delicacy.

On our frequent escapades over her air conditioned marble floors did we hover,
we thought this could be like the car wash in Breaking Bad, just a cover.
But, even though the monetary exchange was laconic
to this day I stand mesmerized by something pristine and platonic.
More than for family or friend
I wouldn’t hesitate helping her in times of pain. I really wouldn’t.
Also, I can’t help but dedicate a verse from one of my favorites,
pardon my indulgent lyrics but
for building a relation you don’t need bricks and
this one’s called “Angel” by Jimi Hendrix.

“Angel came down from heaven yesterday
she stayed with me long enough to rescue me.
And she told me a story yesterday
about the sweet love between the moon and the deep blue sea.
And then she spread her wings high over me
she said she’s gonna come back tomorrow.”

I hope she does.
So I can simply give this expression the true emotion it deserves, at least once.
“Thank You”
People and experiences like these give me true hope.
It is people like these I respect.
She might have done it for the sake of her business,
but in my heart, god is the witness.
I am thankful she was in my life,
far from home, almost a mother in disguise.

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