Forks and Knives

Forks and Knives

//Forks and Knives is about trying to live on your own, without the support system of those special friends, more importantly, that one special friend and that special bond.//

Song – Wish You Were Here

Artist – Pink Floyd

Album – Wish You Were Here

(My friend of misery)
(I need an easy friend.)

You have gone too high for my voice to jump beyond the sky
farewell for now friend
but we shall mingle again,
when all else but gravity fails for you I shall hail.
I can’t circle you like Apollo
but I promise our orbits shall meet on the bright side of the hollow.
All I can do is pray for you to have a happy stay
away from this claustrophobic hustle,
and free from the struggle
now for once, without each other we’ll cross this jungle.

While I will have to learn diplomacy and other tactics
followed by sarcasm and cheap dramatics.
I will make my honest soul cheat
no matter what I shall not accept defeat.
I will reinforce my optimistic shield
and for once, without you I shall heal.

“We are just two lost souls, swimming in a fish bowl,
year after year,
running over the same grounds
but have we found same old fears”

Let’s just say it’s flooding in here.
There’s too much water in our bowl, which, by the way, can be the new catchphrase of this generation.
Nonetheless, we shall meet again.
We will go through synonymous experiences in our distant lives,
may be the next time I come over, I’ll bring my kids and wife. May be a dinner set, a set of forks and knives.
For now, it’s better to go on our separate paths,
first before we know each other, let’s try to fathom ourselves deeper,
when it’s over, when we’re mature,
we shall laugh at these times for sure.
Build up the confidence to fight the fear,
as we thoughtfully “Wish You Were Here”.


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