43 minutes of your time, A Lifetime!

Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd


This expression is to present a little gratitude towards this viral phenomenon, termed as, Dark Side Of The Moon, a masterpiece by Pink Floyd. In a way, I owe this to myself and to the record and the band. It is deeply viral indeed, it grows on you, makes you stronger on an unexplainable and unpredictable level.

I think the words echoed in the album are the only set of words that can describe what the album stands out to produce, whatever you say, will not precisely help, no synonyms, no adjectives.

But, ah the twisted chords of the mind are plucked so perfectly that I had to try. These are some random thoughts I had while listening to a re-run of the album. And, like these thoughts, mostly this album brings peace to me. And mind you, I a very peace-philic man!

Listening to it has been like a discovery for me; consider all the adjectives, used to describe a discovery, for me please!

This day, I had nothing better to do; I questioned my inner paradoxical spirits, as I like to put it, “What should I do?” I was contently listening to Led Zeppelin I before and, I was delighted I thought of this.

Best times ever.

I was recently in Santorini, Greece, where I was on a sail boat for a good five hours of the evening, till about eight in the night, when the night had just begun, they saved the best sunset at our starboard for the conclusion of the day, not the night, the night was young. Greek!

Salad! And a few beers and a little wine during the day with barbequed meat, that night back at the hotel room I realized the rising convenience inside the circuits on the penthouse of my psychology “This has been one of the best days of my life, delicately insightful and peaceful, Easily Top-3.”

And now, this DSOTM incident has given it quite a competition.

A little difference, this expression is a bit random. The straight journey can be explicitly heavy for one to survive. But sure is meaningfully worth it.

The album represents history, mankind, beliefs, actually the whole of existence.

The year, 2013, was selected for preservation in the United States National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress, deeming it culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant, I guess I have your attention by now.

The album cover also raptures my psychology enough; it depicts three things, at the very least, the band’s lighting savouries, a symbolisation of the words on the record, and a very effective one while at it, on the keyboardist Richard Wright’s request.

“Simple, and bold, and dramatic.”

And now, it’s time you play the album and read.



(Speak To Me/Breathe)

It has been a great morning, we have moved on to another day now, reading humble writings on the first day of summer before brushing the teeth and having just lazed on the mattress since morning, since a few days now, the back hurts a little because of the recent adaptation to lateral postures.

The Smiths, Suede and then Mingus while taking a bath in the unkempt washroom.

Throughout that bath I was imagining, looking out of the window at the down-pouring gentle rain, of listening to this song as soon as I was done. Then, I came out, dried myself, changed into a fresh pair of clothes, had some water, sat by the window with my laptop and other necessities and it all happened as swiftly as you just read it, and then I played it.

Speak To Me, and then, Breathe.

Looking in towards my room as this song starts to play, I was imagining the scene behind me, right perpendicular to my back, technology hubs were being constructed, a busy street and then there was this song giving my day a perfect start.

Late but not never!

Just gently heavy beats and a few ticks till a matter of fucking years go by in forty seconds approximately.

Very intriguing it sounds, listening to it on my new JBL ear plugs, and I start laughing with those laughs till I was struck to silence by the screams before the symphony at just over a minute. I now I have always been a mad man don’t ask me to explain it.

1:10, it begins.

The band starts playing.

Windingly stretched chords with a subtle drift.

16:00 hours. Daytime, pleasant.

This song seems so clean even with all the mosquitoes roaming about.

“The wave is hitting my brain, killing it softly.”

Just waiting for that beautiful voice to start. Oh, Gilmour!

“I am breathing in the air.

Not afraid to care.”

Fiddling with the lyrics I turn back to have a look at the weather, light grey skies with white bright clouds in the middle.

“Breathe, breathe in the air

Don’t be afraid to care

Leave but don’t leave me

Look around and chose your own ground

For long you live and high you fly

And smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry

And all you touch and all you see

Is all your life will ever be”

Now this verse, it explicitly appeals to me a lot.

Also, it strangely reminds me of my grandfather sometimes, I have been very close to him. He has always loved me a lot, sometimes more than my parents. A physically worn out man, almost 85 years old, I repeat the wearing is strictly physical; the will inside his head must be strongly bound. He doesn’t keep well for long and also has trouble walking. I feel for him sometimes because of his undying spirit and will, also because I wouldn’t prefer to be stranded in a situation where even once in a while I need people to clean up my shit. Literally!

He still goes for a walk at six in the morning, whichever weather may come, and living in a city with extreme climatic endorsements throughout the year, even I can’t do that.

“Run, run rabbit run

Dig that hole, forget the sun,

And when at last the work is done

Don’t sit down it’s time to dig another one

For long you live and high you fly

But only if you ride the tide

And balanced on the biggest wave

You race toward an early grave”

If you still get up from that dream, watch the VH1 Classic Albums episode at 10:00 minutes past the starting line. Gilmour!



(On The Run)

Whatever I write is like a minuscule epiphany at the very most. Then I try to make something of it, desperately if I am enchanted It just gives me peace, it’s a way out, rather, it’s gives me relief, and I can be elaborate and expressive sometimes while sometimes just minimal.

I even like the distraught paranoia when I am confused somewhere in the middle, a little blank maybe, a little lost(meta point, Karma Police!), happy(meta point #2), amused and surprised, a little cautious, or maybe just crazy high. I request the reader not to raise that obvious question induced by my previous claims; a lot has been said about the cruelties of this world already.

Some things are better left unsaid.

It’s like listening to On The Run.

Dark Side Of The Moon, No album will ever beat this one!

How this noise is generated, through oscillators taking you deeper in to the heights.

Elemental sonic experimentation exclusively synthesized for the sake of it.

“Footsteps, and heartbeats, adding on the extra tension” is how I believe the man with gifted vocal chords put it.

Beyond imagination, I am sitting on planet Earth, and I am in outer space too, like Jodie’s wormhole in Contact, or maybe just my imagination, the laughs of the day, and the swirling enigmatic personification of time, it hits you hard!

And, you like it too!



And then, you know it’s Time.

It’s like you are just growing back to your senses, hearing those striking bells, you try to breathe (Coming to that right after this).

Catch a little air, in those salty seas, you just manage to be dragged to the shore, you also feel the salt in those tiny bruises, good clotting in those wounds.

And, then you are on the sand, and next thing you know, within the blink of an eye, you are being run on a stretcher in a hospital and a blinding wave of ceiling lights, spotting infinity.

And, then with the beat you take a turn here and there, to the theatre of operations where you shall be reincarnated to a new time altogether.

There is even a “Home” button on your keyboard!

Where does that take you?

Behold, because there shan’t be any lyrical references here.

Listen To It. 2:30. It begins.

That’s how perfect your new life is.

This song, this album has also proven to be very therapeutic, audibly well at curing things, purging, so good that it makes you forget what the issue was, a little hilarious, clichés of bewilderment, and when you look down, its heaven.

Again, it also is very fluently dynamic. The time travelled listening to it, is heartfelt, the things that could be said, the things that are said!

Each and every phrase in the song is fucking brilliant.

For instance, 5:10; 5:40. (I can keep going, up till 6:15.)


(The Great Gig In The Sky)

And, that’s just one interpretation.

If I look around and choose my own ground this occult expression symbolizes, across the skies, the thin line between a dream and a nightmare, the indication of The Great Gig In The Sky!

I was about to take the lead on a great environment above today and in the process my machine gave me a slight shock as I touched it.

They have made me light my mosquito coil and draw the windows a bit.

Richard stated it is what always happens, it is what came to mind.

So, talking about outside, to my right white clouds were moving away swiftly to a whiter backdrop in the distance. Two birds were flying round and round making the best of it since it weren’t running dry for once. And, then they came closer to my side and a sweet little pigeon passed by, following whose trajectory I was lead down to the busy roads, you know what’s next.

This song is also similar, it, in a way, gently reminds me of the unfortunate mistakes in life, of whole of mankind, then mine, own.

And, it does it after enchanting you, so that you would never mind.

As far as I can recall, this song was the last to be composed, the purpose was killing time I believe, killing it softly, while at it again.

And they have called in a few ladies from the jazz society, they will show you the best four minutes and forty four seconds of your existence.

After this, I checked mobile for any caring messages I might have received, I noticed no new messages after my machine bit me again.

Dear God, how their voices flow, making their way across the vacuum, it’s sometimes had to figure out if you are falling in or flying out like the superman.

And, thus, have I spoken. It’s metaphorically proportional to multiple rounds at the Space-Shot ride at Malaysian amusement parks.

And, she calms you down later like the best way to come down from the wildest orgasms of your dreams.

We, Sir, are surely not making sexual references today. Maybe, if the ladies want to.

At least, now I have a hope that someone is going to like it. 😉

They play with their fingers, knocking at their minds, they knew what they wanted, and it wasn’t even music.

The girl was told to imagine death and horror, she was afraid she had done bad, way beyond death and horror, those who have heard it, know it without hearing twice, and so did they.



As he put it “Dark Side Of The Moon was an expression of political, philosophical empathy that was desperate to get out.”

Roger Waters, who also can remarkably blown out minds with his throat aches, has put in brilliantly.

It teaches pop value and the meaning of rock. And, imagine, Syd Barrett wasn’t involved in this, I am sure his influence must be still there, but still this was with him out of the picture. Glacial Indeed!

It is Space Rock; it reaches another dimension in space and time. Metaphysical in a way.

It is hard to figure out whether it was intelligence by chance or constructed brilliance, and that in a way, is what it is meant to be, articulating enchantment through the mind.

Waters with his words “Nothing plastic about it.” It is pure and sacred indeed.

Also even Gimour agrees that to be the one to experience sitting back and listening to this whole concept for the first time would and still is a great honour.

Only half way through it, and bet you know it.

These are the gifts to the future generations.

This album solemnly is ample for the future generations, if that advanced, to figure out us, the already past generation, generation of the history.




Money. The bluesy masterpiece, the meant to be single, and as I love, it was Meta too.

The subject is very instigating and controversial, and inspiring; it just touches everything one can think of.

Thinking about it, I feel the same way. The money I had, the money I have and the money I could have, and also the money I will have.

Realizing realities at a reasonably velocity and relativity messing with all your plans, you just can’t find it.

It is as groovy as Jimi Hendrix’s Gloria on the rock side while the blues are just moaning and ethereal.

Dark Side Of The Moon, every song on the record, is a whole genre in itself.

I remember logging onto Facebook one fine evening after work, tired and lethargic, luckily before much scrolling down, my evening was bestowed by the fact that a celebration was due indeed, 01st March, 2013, was the 30th anniversary of this bestselling album, I repeat Best Selling Album. And a fine evening it was. Details shall not be disclosed.

Also, I have had a lot of fun memories associated with Money, I can’t really figure out the acuity through the semi-translucent curtains on my memory but I can see a faint, blurred image of an old friend dancing to the tune of this rock number in my hostel room before everyone joined in, and it adds to the list of the nostalgic saturnalias.

Yes, the time signature, it shifts back and forth very correctly complementing the theme and the element of surprise. These looping signatures shifting from one high note to another in different zones have been remarkably recognised and their genius more than often appreciated as a benchmark in this quadraphonic rock industry.

Furthermore, the ringing cash register, the tearing of the papers, and the counting machines, represent an expert presence of mind on their part, the band makes me praise them with the same dedication that reflects every morning throughout my parents characters. Truly Religious. Talking about Ummagumma, How-The-Fuck can Roger Waters chant those sublimely inhuman voices through that freakin’ throat of his! HOW? The Late Richard, had a perfect prosperous faculty at his fingertips, Mason with the sharp drumming, and the sweet nothing lulling orchestral tone of Gilmour and even more so, his relation with his instruments. Spatial! After a little overdue research on Money, I learned that Gilmour played a customized Lewis guitar with twenty-four frets, allowing a full four-octave range exclusively for Money. Yes, for money, they all wanted to be rich.




(Us and Them)

The B-side symphonic rock masterpiece, Us and Them, weighs a good 7 minutes and 46 seconds making it the most elaborate item on the whole menu. It was originally composed 1969 as “The Violent Sequence” for the Michelangelo Antonioni film Zabriskie Point and it allegedly did not match the director’s intellect, Roger Waters imitation on Antonioni’s take is a must watch. Roger Waters has a class of his own, from a kaleidoscopic consciousness-activating youth to a bold and darkly sarcastic grey-haired height of maturity. And, all the vision through his life is, in an imperative way, being reflected through his words in the song. Dick Parry with those saxophone solos and the repetitive piano alone steal the show. And, as soon as the orchestral ceremony takes a break, Gilmour penetrates with love. The song was earlier titled on the basis of violence, it does evoke the violent perception but it also does remind of peace, as the willing revolutionary with the Guy Fawkes mask said “As long as there is profit in war, the world will never understand freedom”.   I think “Us and Them” is my favourite track on the record, even when there is a lack of concentration this song can help silently in the background.

“Black and Blue, and who know which is which and who is who.”

“Up and down, and in the end it’s only round and round.”

Again, bold and classic. I guess class and boldness can never be mutually exclusive, they come in mellow and ingenious pair.

Pink Floyd used this sometimes as encore during the 70s, but more often to calm the crowd after they’d gone wild on Floyd.

Ah! the gentle encounters with the piano at the end of the fourth minute, I could die to play that, even better just to see that once, I’ve always had a special appreciation for live performances, they do have a lasting and more elusive and touching experience, at least for me, when the visual senses are stimulated watching such energy, dark in this case, enraptures the soul more definitely.



(Any Colour You Like)

I am sure if I surf through the Contacts list on my smartphone and gather the five people I know who have a brilliant taste for music, especially Floyd, and gift them a drop of something special each just so they could listen to this song, we would have six beautiful histoires. The funkier instrumental piece, Any Colour You Like, is the eighth track on the album, I guess now I get why it is called “Progressive”. All good things do come in small packages, not that extravagance is frowned upon but yes, this 3 minute- 26 second instrumental does beat everything. There are plenty notable instrumentals, Moby Dick for one, and this track hardly comes to mind when speaking of instrumentals, but taking the vice-versa case, when listening to this track, it just seems like a perfect piece. It starts like a deep breath, and then it just goes on in perfect harmony, rather a perfect harmony for the future, always. Like every other instrumental it also has a spatial repetition adjusted graphically well to the limited time span.

The breaks and drops are also invoking and provoking. It is well suited to an elegant house party of the middle aged connoisseur’s home theatre, while on the other hand hippies pass out in a blue light, or maybe a long drive with your wife. I think this song is all about me, all about you.

The sun and the moon have been symbolically incorporated throughout the album for the light and the dark, but this track ignores the power of lyrics over the music but still does not fail to hint at the general theme. It is mostly about you and what you prefer or what you think rather how you think. It’s like the Rutherford’s experiment, it bombards gold particles on your mind, exactly what effect do they have? I think I can conclude that it is somehow golden. A dire golden dilemma.

But, Which one’s Pink?



(Brain Damage)

The lunatic is in my head. I don’t even need to hear it again to remember how it feels. Again, a tragic comedy it is. Here, I need to stress on  the lyrics. Every true Floyd fan can relate to it, otherwise you haven’t understood Floyd yet. We are all lunatics and just because every fantasy should not be acted upon we need to keep them in. They’re better inside. Well, you may not necessarily keep off the grass but you have got to keep them on the path. It is very simple. Everyone is a lunatic, and they talk about how the daily news is full with their idiosyncrasies and each and every day the paperboy brings more, and the dam may break open anytime and the holy water will flow in any colour you like.

The lunatic is in my head

The lunatic is in my head

You raise the blade, you make the change

You rearrange me till I’m sane

You lock the door

And throw away the key

There’s someone in my head and it’s not me

We are not here to discuss what comes to mind when the last line of the aforementioned excerpt plays across the stereo because I do believe something terrific comes to mind when you hear it in good spirits. The word ‘terrific’ is used since it is phonetically relative to the word ‘terror’, thereby terrifically terrorising. By-The-Way, watch out for the amazing drumming ahead. The lyrical appeal is so overwhelming here that we often forget the mojo of the bands’ machines.

The unaccredited manic laughter is that of Pink Floyd’s then-road manager, Peter Watts.

‘I can’t think of anything to say except

I think it’s marvellous! “ I think that’s what he claims at the end before he laughs.

Also, this is a like brotherly tribute from the band to Syd Barrett, so that has to be epic by definition. “And if the band you’re in starts playing different tunes, I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon”




First of all, I would like to bring to your knowledge and attention, humbly, that many Pink Floyd songs have been played across outer space, and secondly, this is one on that list.

It’s the epic conclusion to the occult psycho-drama, Breaking Bad is like the Pink Floyd of television dramas, even though Pink Floyd is the Breaking Bad of rock bands it weighs a lot on the hipster’s mind plus the spatial power with which Pink Floyd penetrates deep inside your head, that is what Eclipse is about, it’s rocky, edgy, strong, and it is smooth, soothing, relieving and on top of it all, it is psychedelic, psychedelic rock. Whatever happens, it’s good.

All you create is all you destroy, and not hypothetically, it will let your mind wander, that’s the primitive reflection of Floyd. There should be a Pink Floyd island, and like I said, let your mind wander.

Now that the album is over try listening to some other Floyd songs.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond



Coming Back To Life

Welcome To Machine

Careful With That Axe, Eugene

Set The Controls To The Heart Of The Sun

Have A Cigar

Comfortably Numb

Wish You Were Here


Marooned. And, Point Me At The Sky


While along these lines, go check out a great playlist.


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